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Core: MegaMan-Roleplay || Main: MrTwinklehead
Other accounts: Stardroid-Saturn Chip-Otaku-Higure

Father & Son~<3

Information under development. Be aware it will contain non-canon information.

Name: Numberman.EXE [ナンバーマン / 日本語]
Element: None/Special
Special attacks: Dice Bomb, a bomb whose strength depends on what side is up.
Number Tenpōu, a tenpōu stick that is used as a sword substitute.

Personality + Likes/Dislikes:
- Numberman is a clever one. There is no math problem he would have problems with. Unlike his Operator AND RPer.
- Though even if smart, he is a coward. When he stumbles upon anything he feel he can't handle, he'll freak out.
- Numberman is a big fan of facts and numbers. He always want to learn more as it would bring him more advantages in differents situations.
- Numberman doesn't like the idea of having to use brutal force to gain anything. ...maybe it would have to do with him not being particularly strong.

Numberman is a first generation NetNavi, customly built by one of the smartest scientist of that time, all for the sake of teaching a young child all he could need for leading a handful of successful companies.

The two were off to a rough start, Numberman was practically a grown-up baby and had very little knowledge of being a teacher. Though as the two spent more time together, he grew more as an adult and more as a teacher.

Numberman quickly learned about Mr and Mrs Matsumoto's hectic schedule, leaving them very little time with their son, Higure. Numberman was worried this was the cause of his lack of interest for studies.
He began to spend more time with the kid, at first solely in the proffesional way, still creating him as a student. But as time went, and more of them spent of the kid, Numberman began to feel related to him. Soon enough, Numberman began to treat Higure as his own child, even if he knew very well he couldn't possibly be. Little did he know his Operator was looking up to him as a father.

When the Matsumoto family reached bankrupty, Numberman did all he could to help the family. Nothing was of big help and only caused Mr. Matsumoto to grow even more distant from his son.
Eventually he snapped. Upon one of Numberman's suggestions, Mr. Matsumoto replied that he would seel him for the sake of paying the rent. This was one of those first moments that Numberman have feared his life. He didn't want to get seperated from Higure, and neither did Higure want to get seperated from Numberman.
The boy stood up for himself, telling Mr. Matsumoto he couldn't take his "father" from him. The father unleashed some hidden fury upon the boy, but later regrets it and tells them they'll be adopted away for their own safety.

2 months later, Higure and Numberman was put into the Yamitarō's. There they were welcomed warmly by a mother, father and a son, close to Higure's age. They quickly got on good terms and they soon became one true family.

In school, Numberman was something extra for the kids. Most of them had never seen a NetNavi before and a lot of them spent time with Higure solely for the fact of seeing Numberman.
When NetNavis started to become more casual, the term NetBattling was born as a couple of students tried to see how well their NetNavis would do in a full out battle. Due to being the first one of the first NetNavis in school, Higure and Numberman would pretty often challenged to battles.
Though, being built for teaching, Numberman knew very little of battling and was rather pitifully defeated in most battles. Numberman tried to get stronger by training in secret, but alas, he was still defeated.
When the two got their hands on a YoYo battle chip, things changed though. They became quite the fearsome duo when having the powerful battle chip in their possesion, though Numberman had no idea at this moment, his Operator and son had gotten a taste of power, and wanted more.

When Higure was accepted into Scilab, Numberman was happy to see his son successful in the working area. But he grew worried when he realized his son was stealing.
He told Higure to earn the battle chips in an honest way, either by winning them from viruses, or by buying them. And as the son was worried for his father's health, Higure began to work on all kind of places.

Before the events of Battle Network 1, Higure had a relapse when working in a chip store and had to run for his life. A mysterious figure rescued them both, he told them that working for WWW would give them the possibility to gain any battle chip they wanted.
Rather clueless of what he could do to help them, Numberman was rather reluctant at first. But when he realized his brains was perfect tools for hacking, Numberman began to feel this could be something. Though he forgot somewhere along the line that it was an evil organization he had joined.

The rest about Numberman.EXE can be found out by either playing the BN games or watching the anime. ...or both. ; P

Characters he've met:
Chip-Otaku-Higure - His beloved Operator and son figure.
Yamato Man have been dropped, and Numberman is going to be transfered to a new RP where he will finally be united with Higure. RPd by me. ; P So I would be very happy if all RP accounts could de-watch me. : )

I'll still in MMRP-DA with Meijin and Loki of course. Wouldn't want to go out on you guys. You are all been wonderful to be with so I'm not going to disappear now. XD

Expect a weird comic of Numberman leaving Cyberspace over on Meijin-the-Famous once the transfering is finished. ; )

See you guys in the chat room~


PS. Seriously Toma. I didn't start that totem pole joke. I don't even understand how the joke works. So if you ever charge me of being the one who started it, I'm going to bitch slap you in the face through the internet. ; P


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